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Family Chiropractic in Coquitlam, BC

Evergreen Rehab & Wellness’ (formerly known as Evergreen Chiropractic Clinic) Coquitlam location is a family chiropractic clinic located in Coquitlam, BC. We deliver treatment for a wide range of conditions — including various types of pain and injuries — for residents in Coquitlam and its surrounding regions such as Burnaby, Lougheed and New Westminster. Our treatments are tailored for each individual, helping you to address your condition(s) and improve your quality of life.

Evergreen Rehab & Wellness’ Coquitlam location is a top-rated family chiropractic practice that offers the highest standard of effective and safe chiropractic care in the region.

Coquitlam Chiropractic

At Evergreen Rehab & Wellness in Coquitlam, we offer a range of chiropractic services — from traditional, age-old treatments for the musculoskeletal system, to the latest techniques and programs proven to be effective around the world. Located in the Burquitlam district, we offer some of the leading physiotherapy treatment plans in Coquitlam, BC.

Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals — all who are able to advise and educate our patients on a broad variety of chiropractic and related treatments that address many different conditions.

Our chiropractic treatments include:

  • Spinal manipulation techniques
  • Electrotherapy
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Treating soft tissue injuries with sound waves
  • Soft tissue mobilization techniques
  • Active release techniques
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Flexion-distraction technique

Active Rehabilitation

We offer a selection of rehabilitation services at Evergreen Rehab & Wellness’ Coquitlam location, providing planned rehab programs that include one-on-one sessions with our kinesiologist.

Using a range of exercises and stretches that are specially tailored to address the specific injury or condition of the individual, we can speed up your recovery time, all while educating you on the best way to manage your particular issue. Once you have gained doctor’s approval and submitted your Referral Pad Templet, we will plan and implement the right rehab program to get you back on track.

Trust Our Coquitlam RMTs

At Evergreen Rehab & Wellness in Coquitlam, patients who are recovering from injuries and those with spinal problems or joint pain can expect the very best registered massage therapy in the region. We offer one-on-one sessions with a trained massage therapist here at our clinic, allowing our patients to experience the full benefits of manipulation that are focused on the connective tissues, muscles, joints and ligaments. Registered massage therapy can help to rehabilitate muscle and joint function, all while also relieving any discomfort.


If you live in the Coquitlam, Burnaby, Lougheed or New Westminster areas, Evergreen Rehab & Wellness’ Coquitlam location is your go-to provider of Chinese acupuncture. This ancient form of medicine is used as an effective treatment for back, neck and joint pain, both acute and chronic.

Your sessions with a trained and qualified acupuncturist can improve the balance of energy in the body, as well as address additional conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. Using needles that are inserted at acupuncture points around the body, acupuncture is able to relieve pain while also delivering holistic physical benefits.

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Are you a Coquitlam resident searching for one of the best family chiropractic clinics in Coquitlam, BC? Or do you reside in surrounding areas such as Burnaby, Lougheed and New Westminster? If so, get in touch with Evergreen Rehab & Wellness today! Learn more about the services we provide and ask us any questions you or a family member may have.

Call our Coquitlam clinic at 604-449-5859. You can also email us at info@evergreenclinic.ca.

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